No, you don't know you the way I do

Well if that's who you are
Just a meaningless star in the sky
Tell me what is the meaning
Of what I am feeling if you are the reason why
(The Way I Do - STARSHIP)

April 25, 2014 7:54 am 7:54 am
"Everytime you open your eyes I fall deeper in love with the story they tell."

Michael Faudet 

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(via lovequotesrus)

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" tale as old as time , song as old as rhyme , beauty and the beast "

" tale as old as time , song as old as rhyme , beauty and the beast "

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3.03 his last vow

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my heart melted in two seconds

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"Since this is likely to be the last conversation I’ll have with John Watson, would you mind if we took a moment?"

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April 24, 2014 3:02 pm 2:59 pm
"Whenever I speak with you, I end up dying more, a little more"

Frida Kahlo (to Diego Rivera)

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"My father had taught me to be nice first, because you can always be mean later, but once you’ve been mean to someone, they won’t believe the nice anymore. So be nice, be nice, until it’s time to stop being nice, then destroy them."